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If you are planning a ” Destination Wedding” in Switzerland, We create simple Solutions! Guests are joining you from across the world to celebrate together. Instead of taking your ” main Wedding Photos” on your wedding day, let`s create ” PRE -WEDDING PHOTOS”.  

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The difference to hire 1 or 2 photographers

It is not only ” one versus two photographers”. It is simply two people to take care for you. We make it a team effort to ” look to place the dress lovely, assist with posing and positioning the couple.One photographer focuses on ” long objective” photography, close ups, while the second photographer has an eye on the ” postcard” images. Sure one photographer could accomplish this but with double the time.

…. Close up and scenic photos easily and instantly

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CLIENT REVIEW “We are SO GLAD we had a pre-wedding shoot with both Cindy and Pascal!  We had a lot of fun with them and it took the pressure off on our wedding day.  We had 80 guests join us in Switzerland from abroad and we could spend more time with them on the day of the wedding because we had already taken pre-wedding photos.  Cindy and Pascal made our pre-wedding shoot run smoothly because they had found scenic locations ahead of time and had tremendous experience with poses.  Having both photographers meant we could get two kinds of photos at one time:  both close ups and from far away.  We also had rainy weather on our wedding day so we were relieved we had already taken sunny photos with Cindy and Pascal!  “Thanks!Michelle & Chris